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Vision Board Workshops


Why Create a Vision Board?

Vision boards are one of the most effective tools we can use to shape our personal, professional, and creative development. With my expertise and skillset, I will lead your group through a vision board exercise in a three-hour session. You provide the magazines and I provide your group all the needed vision board materials before our session – or I can bring everything myself, if you want an easy, ala carte experience.

Visualization is one of the most powerful disciplines we can practice. Are you willing to set aside the time to start turning your visions and dreams into reality?

Your vision board should
– ensure that your board is visible
– begin with an end in mind
– it’s important to have a vision and it’s important to have action
– take a picture of your vision board and make it your screen saver
– you can do your vision board any way that you want
– if there is an obstacle, then you need to run an experience to determine if it is a real obstacle

If it’s not real, then On To The Next One!



Life comes at you fast. It can be overwhelming to balance it all: bills to pay, a fulltime career, your family life, finishing “that” project, the never-ending to-do list, a social life and of course self-care. You know you’re craving change but you don’t know how to start. The good news is – you don’t have to! That’s what I’m here for

I provide a gratis half-hour consultation, and then we put together a schedule built to your needs. Reach out and let’s start moving ‘on to the next one’! 



When planning an event, finding a dynamic and professional speaker can seem like just another detail in a long list of to-dos. I have experience speaking in small businesses settings, intimate gatherings, and at the corporate level. I can tailor my presentation and remarks to your precise needs. My focus is on inspirational, professional and personal development using Continuous Improvement methodologies and life’s experiences. Contact me and let’s get a conversation going!